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Vergence Entertainment Partner Program

Build your online community with Vergence Entertainment.

As a Vergence Entertainment Partner you're able to offer and utilize as a social engagement tool to build and activate your online social community. Vergence Entertainment offers products that support national, regional and local promotions deepening the engagement between your brand and its consumers.

Why Partner with Vergence Entertainment?
  • Attract and retain customers by offering a social engagement tool.
  • Participate in an attractive revenue-sharing program.
  • Leverage our online community building and activation experience.
  • Reduce support infrastructure costs; no-cost upgrades.
  • Easily grow with multiple users.
What Do You Get With Your Partnership?
  • Powerful social partner branding!
  • Priority support for your questions and concerns
  • Expert support by phone, email and live chat
  • Easily managed user information and statistics
Is A Partnership Right For You?

If you:

  • Service a sizable client base with an interest in social gaming
  • Want to offer your clients additional community based options through your brand
  • Prefer to avoid the costs of developing, implementing, upgrading and supporting a social community
  • Value partnerships with established, respected, proven providers

Then our Partnership may be a perfect fit for you!

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Our Creations


Imagine a social platform that changes the way the world plays. Ringorang is a 24/7 global community where Vergence's proprietary technology enables the game to play you - and everyone else - in real time. It finds you on your mobile device or desktop app and gives you mere seconds to answer a trivia question. Win dallions and redeem them for prizes. Ringorang contests drive engagement and commerce - anywhere, anytime - across mobile, web, desktop, video and ultimately television. See for yourself and get into the ring at Or contact us to learn more.


Pipsquakz invites kids to enter a 3D world of music and ridiculousness. Sound familiar? Pipsquakz Island is a strange mirror to the human world, where bird-like creatures re-invent civilization in the language of melody and harmony. Children create their own Pips, compose tunes, decorate their homes, play, explore, and jam together! This property starts online and migrates to game devices, mobile phones, e-cards, television and more. Go to to visit the island. Or contact us to learn more.